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Quotations are always supplied in good faith, and – in respect of web design – often include the cost of domain name reservation, web hosting, bespoke email configuration as well as website design, search engine optimisation and submission. A detailed breakdown of what the quotation includes is usually supplied, dependent on client requirements. If, upon receipt of actual content (copy and imagery) from the client, a previous quotation/estimate is considered inaccurate, a new one will be supplied. If more content than originally quoted for subsequently materialises, the quotation may be increased; if less, reduced.

Design process and costs
After the initial brief, a fee is agreed and design work undertaken, usually until the client is happy with the work. Where amendments or additions to original content (copy and imagery) start to incur additional costs (charged as author’s corrections – unless errors are generated by aerta creative) these will be charged at 50.00 per hour. There is a minimum charge of 12.50 for all work undertaken in addition to the original brief. Care is taken to keep the client informed if any additional work means that the original quote is in danger of being exceeded.

On-going costs
Updates requested by the client subsequent to the site’s completion will be charged at 50.00 and hour (minimum 1/4 hour.) To help keep your website secure and functioning efficiently, Aerta offers an optional website maintenance  programme costing between 75.00 and 120.00 per year, depending on the size and complexity of the site. This is usually invoiced every six months. To read more about what this entails, please see here.

Payment for services is expected within 28 days of receipt of invoice. Until such time as payment is received all work remains the property of Aerta Creative. At our discretion, late payment will be charged at 3% above bank base rate.

Client security obligations
If you regularly login to your site to implement changes via a content management system such as WordPress, or login via a web browser to collect webmail, you must ensure that your computer is virus-free. Viruses and malicious software (known as malware) can be transferred to your site’s hosting through your infected computer. This can, in turn, render other sites which share your server vulnerable. Please ensure that you update your web browser regularly.

All photography and other graphic imagery originated by Aerta Creative remains copyright property of Aerta Creative, and must not be used elsewhere without permission, and, if requested, payment of an agreed fee.

Complaints must be received via email.

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