Maintaining your WordPress website

A 2019 report found that website security breaches had increased by 67% over the previous five years.

On average 30,000 new websites are hacked every day. These sites are usually legitimate small business or personal websites that are unwittingly distributing malware or simply vandalised for the fun of it. You can read about why anyone would hack a small website here.

At aerta creative we take site security very seriously.

WordPress and site security
As a platform, WordPress offers great opportunities to add extended functionality to a website – without the enormous expense involved in commissioning a programmer to configure a bespoke content management system. The platform powers roughly 35% of the entire world-wide web, and as such is a target for hackers and other devious operators.

Every WordPress site designed by aerta comes with a comprehensive long-term support package to maintain your site’s security, including:

  • regular monitoring of your site’s visibility and functionality
  • restoring from a backup if it is hacked
  • manually updating the WordPress core, theme and plugins if required
  • Renewing annual plugin subscriptions if applicable
  • monitoring your site’s performance after automatic and manual updates have been implemented
  • liaising with plugin/theme developers if an update has caused any hiccups
  • installing and configuring the Wordfence security plugin (and the pro-version if you have taken out that option) and monitoring Wordfence’s ongoing recommendations and alerts with respect to your site
  • updating, when required, your PHP version (the background coding framework which supports WordPress)
  • monitoring your site’s ‘health status’ as reported by WordPress, and implementing any core recommendations
  • manually blocking IP addresses which repeatedly attempt to hack your site

Our regular site maintenance programme is invoiced every six months, and typically costs between 100.00 and 120.00 per year.

What our security maintenance programme doesn’t include

  • amendments and updates to your site’s content or design when implemented by us. These are charged on an hourly basis, in addition to our security maintenance programme. There is a 1/4-hour minimum charged for content  changes implemented by us.
  • annual renewal of your domain and web hosting – if you have accepted our recommendation to settle these costs yourself

What you can do to help

  • regularly check that your site is live, functioning correctly and hasn’t been hacked – and report any problems promptly
  • pay your domain and hosting invoices in a timely manner